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Ridge Solutions Aquaculture

Ridge Solutions is constructing a 1,000 hectare industrial shrimp farm in the Ambriz area. A 33 hectare pilot farm will be utilized initially to optimize the larger project design and future operational protocols.


Project Charecteristics

  • Pioneer project on the west African coast
  • Validation of the site of Ambriz, which experts have studied and found to have near ideal soils and water quality (both fresh and salt)
  • Pilot farm to validate local environmental conditions and main technical choices with:
    • 33 ha pond size (2 x 10ha, 2 x 5ha and 2 pre growing ponds of 1ha and 2 of 0,5ha size.
  • Hatchery/nursery to produce the PL’s
    • Laboratory office and food storage in 3 containers
    • 1 pumping station of 3 x 0,6 m3/s pumping capacity 1 mini processing plant with freezing container and ice plant 6to/day plus 12 to ice storage capacity.



  • Post-pilot project build out in three phases to produce 1,000 ha of ponds of 5 or 10 ha each
  • Phase 1 farm of 300 ha (sufficient size to be efficient and self-sustaining), with additional expansion thereafter
  • Choice of Jumbo Tiger Shrimp (Penaeus monodon species)
  • Organic production techniques to target the premium, high-margin market
  • Semi-intensive production techniques with target production goals of:
    • Harvest yield of 2.1 - 2.2 tons/ha
    • Two harvests for each pond annually (4.2-4.5 tons/ha/yr.)
    • Average harvest weight of tiger prawns of 28 grams