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Ridge Solutions

A multi-faced global business
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Chairman's Message

To develop a business requires thorough knowledge of all aspects of the target areas, with a different mindset that is focused on giving a comprehensive 360-degree view based on the best of both worlds.

I will share with you the vision and culture of trust, the art of creating and thinking of Ridge Solutions Group because...

  • When we set a goal and we intend to achieve it, we cannot separate them from our Mission, Vision and Values
  • The true entrepreneur is the one who goes to the action of thought and makes things happen
  • Ships are safe anchored in the ports, but they weren’t created for that
  • Whenever we meet up with a successful business, we believe that there was one day a brave decision
  • There is no wrong moment to do the right thing
  • A victory cannot be achieved without a clear definition of the target and a clear platform for a careful culture of open communication and clear strategy
  • The best moments in life should be created or recreated. It’s pointless to sit and wait for them
  • The results come from the opportunities created and not the opposite
  • The paths for victory are more agreeable than the defeat, but not less difficult
  • Leaders must understand that they need to manage people, seek their partnerships, build teams, get a sense of timing and a sense of urgency
  • The more we believe in our goals, the faster we will achieve them
  • Our responses to customer needs are generated by our ability to generate uniquesolutions, innovative, attractive and beyondany expectations
  • Trust is an essential element for success.When trust goes up, the speed of implementation and the results increase andcosts decrease. And, at the opposite, the speed of the actions declines and costs increase
  • We are a continuing challenge to the best practices and at the same time we are ... this certain!
  • To create the possible we should attempt the impossible

José Ferreira Ramos
Chairman & Executive President
Ridge Solutions Group